Aaton Minima - S16

Released in 1999, Aaton's revolutionary Super16 film camera packs a big punch in a small package. Extremely light and manueverable, this camera is excellent for handheld work. Due to a noisier movement, this camera is usually suited as a B-camera but can easily be a workhorse camera. 


  • Aaton Minima
  • IVS B/W
  • V-lock mount
  • BP 15mm
  • Rods 15mm
  • 2 x Mag 61m
  • MFF-2
  • LMB
  • Video 18 tripod
  • Slate
  • Changing Tent
  • 3 x 98w battery + charger
  • Filter ND3, ND6, ND9, 85, Pola, Clear 4x5.65